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Instant Racing

Instant Racing

Instant Racing was developed by Vernon Mir and Robert Jackson, with assistance from AmTote.  Later, a company was formed, Racetech LLC (“Racetech”), which holds the related patent (U.S. Patent # 6,358,150).  Racetech then signed a technology services provider agreement with Amtote.  Thereafter, AmTote became the exclusive technology service provider to Racetech.  For clarity purposes, no current AmTote employees have any ownership position in Racetech.  Furthermore, we apologize for previously including incorrect and misleading language on our site regarding the relationship between AmTote and Racetech.


The quarter and dollar machines were designed to attract new players to thoroughbred and greyhound racing.


Bettors can use Daily Racing Form "Skill Graph" charts of generalized data on the field to assist them in choosing three runners in projected order of finish. They can then watch the entire race or a short clip of the stretch run.


Winners receive graduated payoffs by correctly selecting the first three finishers in order, the first three in any order, the top two finishers, the winner or any two of the top three finishers. Payoffs are also determined by timing - bettors may be playing different races, but the wagers are lumped into the same pool and the player who hits first receives the highest payoff.