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MBet™ Mobile Wagering

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of devices can be used?
The MBet mobile wagering site works on-track with any smart phone – Blackberry, iPhone, Android – as well as iPads, Kindle Fire and almost any tablet or laptop computer. Most other mobile devices with web browsers will work as well.
2. Do I need a special app for my phone or mobile device? If so, how do I download it?
MBet is a web based application and therefore does not require a special device specific program to work. There is no need to download anything. 
3. How do I use MBet?
First, set up an account by visiting any Teller Window marked with the MBet logo or talk to one of the roving MBet voucher selling teams and make a deposit into a Daily Account. Use the Account # and PIN to access the MBet network.
4. Can I use this from home?
No, this can only be used in select areas of the grounds at Pimlico.
5. What wagers can be made using MBet? Can I only play Pimlico’s races or can I play the simulcast races as well?
MBet will allow you to wager on any of the live races as well as the simulcast races that are being offered on that particular day. It will also offer the same wagering as if you were placing a bet at the betting window.
6. How do I get my winnings?
Just return to any of the teller windows with your Daily Account voucher to cash out your winnings. If lost or destroyed, you may forfeit your winnings.
7. How will I get my money back if a horse scratches?
Once the race and pool is official the system will credit your account for the amount. 
8. Can I use a credit card or check to deposit money into my account?
No, we only accept cash deposits.
9. Do I have to withdraw all of my money each day or can I keep a balance in my account?
Money can be left in or withdrawn at any time but after 24hours you may only withdraw your balance.
10. Do I have to enter my login and password every time I access my account?
You can have your mobile device remember your password by changing your settings.
Mobile devices and personal settings may vary. 
See the any MBet Teller if you need additional help.

Bet Payoffs


1. WIN - To collect, your selection must finish 1st. 
2. PLACE - To collect, your selection must finish 1st or 2nd. 
3. SHOW - To collect, your selection must finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.
4. QUINELLA - To collect, you must pick the first two horses to finish, but not in the exact order. 
5. EXACTA - To collect, you must pick the first two horses to finish in the exact order. 
6. TRIFECTA - You must pick the first three horses to finish, in the exact order they finish. 
7. ACROSS THE BOARD (WPS): A bet on a horse to Win, Place and Show. If the horse wins, the player collects three ways; if second, two ways; and if third, one way, losing the win and place bets.
8. DAILY DOUBLE - To collect, you must select the winners of two consecutive races. 
9. PICK THREE - To collect, you must select the winners of three consecutive races. 
10. PICK SIX - Selecting the winners of the last six consecutive races. You must make your Pick 6 wager prior to the first Pick 6 race.

Racing Terminology

Across The Board - Three equal bets, to win, place and show, on a single horse. 
Blinkers - Headgear worn by a horse to limit his vision and prevent distractions. 
Breezing - A horse working under restraint. 
Claiming Race - A race for horses that are eligible to be purchased for a specified price by the licensed owner. This tends to equalize the level of competition because an owner is unlikely to enter a $10,000 horse in a race for $5,000 claimers and risk having it claimed. 
Colt - A male horse under the age of five. 
Dam - Mother. 
Driving - Running under extreme urging. 
Entry - Two or more horses with the same owner or trainer that run as a single betting interest. 
Filly - Female horse under the age of five. 
Furlong - One eighth of a mile. Originally a “furrow long” or the length of a plowed 
Handle - Amount of money waged on a race or in a day. 
Gelding - A castrated male horse. 
Handicap Race (HCP) - A race for better quality horses in which weight carried is assigned to the horses by the Racing Secretary based on an assessment of their past ability. Better horses get higher weights to enable horses with a lesser record to have a chance to win. 
Handily - A horse working or racing with ease and without urging. 
Inquiry - Investigation by the stewards of a foul or violation which occurred during the running of a race. 
Lasix - Medication used to stop nose bleeds. 
Maiden - A horse that has not yet won a race. 
Mare - Female horse five years old or older. 
Morning Line - The track handicapper’s estimate of the probable odds for each horse at post time. 
Paddock - The area where the horses are 
brought before the race to be saddled and mounted by their jockey’s. 
Photo Finish - Results of a race so close that placing judges cannot decide the 
order of finish with the naked eye and must consult the official photograph. 
Post Time - The scheduled start of a race. 
Purse - The amount of money distributed to a designated number of finishers in a race. 
Route - A distance race of one mile or longer. 
Sire - Father. 
Sprint - A race of seven furlongs or less. 
Stewards - Racing officials designated to uphold the rules of racing at the race track, answerable to the state racing commission.