HomeBet Internet Wagering


HomeBet™ Internet Wagering

AmTote pioneered and leads the concept of PC-Based Account Wagering, allowing customers to access their accounts from anywhere with an Internet connection. AmTote has developed a Spectrum® System component, HomeBet™, that provides connectivity for account holders to place bets, review bets, cancel bets (optional), view race results, and view up-to-date current race win odds from their own PC. AmTote has implemented its Internet-based HomeBet™ Server in multiple locations, having been online publicly since April 2000. The HomeBet™ Server may be configured to operate in a closed network or connected directly to the Internet. The account holder does not require custom software for the PC being used to wager. The only software required is an Internet Browser. The betting application takes advantage of SSL technology and 128 bit encryption to encrypt transaction data.

The HomeBet™ Server interfaces the backend tote system via AmTote's proprietary, secured, Gateway device and related applications. AmTote has also employed this general functionality with other Internet-based account wagering application interfaces, that have been significantly customized for use by its various individual clients as desired. Such customized, Gateway-based interfaces have been online since 1999.

HomeBet™ functions in either a user-selectable HTML format or an automatically downloaded Java applet for a dynamic, extremely fast, one-page wagering menu. HomeBet™ can be configured to utilize private networks with dial-up or Internet connectivity.