AmTote International, Inc. is pleased to tell you about its latest product that is gaining in popularity; the mobile wagering service called MBet.

The growth and popularity of Wi-Fi enabled smart-phones prompted AmTote to develop a way to activate the mobile devices in customers’ pockets cheaply and efficiently.  Leveraging local Wi-Fi connectivity and the increasingly fast mobile phone throughput, your on-track, cash and account wagering customers can now bypass the mutuel lines and go straight to their phones (or tablets, iPhones, Kindle) for wagers, viewing results, and checking odds, probables, and will-pays.

Account wagering is an established feature of AmTote’s System and now MBetoffers two mobile account wagering options to choose from (see attachments for details).  Depending on your local regulatory requirements and your operational preferences, mobile wagering can be configured to reduce barriers-to-entry for on-site patrons and provide the fastest, easiest route to mobile wagering.

MBetis a micro-browser function that reduces typical webpage volume to simple and easy to use wagering screens.  This is a lightweight product with no complex downloads, excessive graphic clutter or elaborate functions that only work on a few phones.  Virtually any web-enabled phone can access the user interface and execute wagers quickly and securely.  Since the application is pointed at on-site users where video screens, printed materials, and tote boards are typically found, there is no 3rd party data to download (and no fees for that data).

Using local signage, message boards and SMS functions, you can direct on-site racing fans to an easy-to-use mobile website for instructions on next steps.  Typically, account set-up requires an initial visit to a teller window for the opening and initial deposit; a step that requires no more time than a typical multi-leg wager.  After set up, customers can make further deposits to that account via self-service terminals or another teller visit.  At day’s end, customers can cash out with a teller or withdraw their remaining balance in voucher form at any terminal.

Patrons’ mobile devices communicate with local MBet™ servers through the local Wi-Fi or cellular network.  To ensure that customers are within a defined perimeter per regulations, phones can be geo-fenced using the limitations of the Wi-Fi network or the GPS functions of the mobile device.

Mobile wagering can increase per capita wagering on a daily basis and help make big days even bigger when teller windows and even self-service terminals are busy. 


·         Drastically reduce the number of patron trips from seat to terminal

·         Eliminate waiting in lines

·         Create a personalized experience for the racing fan

·         Increase the throughput capacity of every bettor

·         Fewer shut out fans + more wagers per player = greater on-track handle

MBet is driven by your on-track wagering menu so all simulcast content available on-site is also available on MBet.  A simple track selection screen and logical wager menu provides quick bet placement for last minute bettors.

Though testing and refining may be required for any existing Wi-Fi network, MBet can be installed at on-site in 30 days or less for a surprisingly low cost.  In absence of an existing network, AmTote can assist you with the installation of a Wi-Fi network suitable for MBetand other wireless devices such as walk-around teller terminals.

For Inquiries, please email: sales@amtote.com