Player Tracking

Player Tracking

AmTote's Player Tracking System provides the ability to track customer wagering and enables race tracks to reward frequent patrons with special offers or prizes for continued patronage.

The customer is issued a wallet size Player Tracking ID card which can be printed on a Spectrum® terminal using the special ticket stock. The ID card can be read by any wagering terminal at the track. Before placing a bet, the customer inserts the ID card into the bet slip/ticket reader of the wagering terminal. As wagering transactions are recorded, the system accumulates the amount bet in the Player's account. The points are redeemable at the track's discretion for admission, food, beverage or other prizes.

The information gathered can then be used for personalized direct marketing campaigns or creating targeted promotions.

Samples of a few of the many player tracking reports available:

Note: All names and addresses in the sample reports are entirely fictitious.