ProF3000e Series

ProF3000e Modular Terminal

The ProF3000e is AmTote's multi-function modular terminal, providing the most advanced and fully integrated teller and self-service capabilities in the industry.

Based on AmTote's proven and extremely successful Pro-series terminal suite, the ProF3000e series incorporates the latest in hardware and software technologies, as well as leading edge design engineering and human ergonomic factors. Most importantly, the ProF3000e is engineered to withstand the daily rigors of the high-volume wagering transaction arena, by providing the most efficient, reliable and maintainable design and critical internal components.

Maximizing terminal efficiencies, the ProF3000e can be rapidly converted between teller-operated and self-service modes by remote system control or locally at the terminal by simple keystrokes and repositioning the main display.

The ProF3000e provides the ultimate flexibility for the customer by offering dynamic wagering capabilities, including:

  • Optional fully-integrated pari-mutuel and fixed-odds sports wagering - simultaneously
  • Teller Interface: detailed teller functions and related displays, as well as enriched track and race information capability
  • Self-service Interface: ability for the patron to select between the enhanced classic view and information-rich display configurations.

Teller-operated mode features:

In Teller mode, the ProF3000e provides a comprehensive set of wagering and administrative functions required for complex wagering services and accountability. The ProF3000e is engineered with a strong emphasis on human ergonomic factors, maximizing comfort and efficiency for the operator, for:

  • Efficiently supporting either full-travel adjustable keyboard, touchscreen mode or a combination entry method.
  • Logical keyboard and touchscreen layout, with color-coded key groups, supporting rapid and accurate wager entry
  • Easy access to ticket output and reader input devices, while maximizing the available flat counter space for teller/customer exchanges
  • Large color display providing information including track, race number, minutes to post, scratches, multiple lines of transaction history, updating wager details, and pay/collect subtotal.

Self-service mode features:

In self-service mode, the ProF3000e provides full service traditional cash-based wagering (currency, ticket, or voucher) and the increasingly popular comprehensive account wagering and cashless BetCard models are supported. The ProF3000e hardware and software interfaces are designed to provide a customer friendly appearance while promoting ease of use to the patron. Features include:

  • Extremely responsive, reliable and accurate touchscreen interface.
  • High-resolution color graphics provide a rich display for all functions, and customizable branding and advertising ability.
  • Large screen allows for tall sharp fonts and large patron touch zones.
  • Easy-to-read on screen instructions, combined with programmable visual "cloud" prompts and audio prompts help to guide and train patrons through the wagering process quickly and move the line along -- while also allowing experienced patrons fast response.
  • Intelligent wagering software "smart client" capability includes detailed wager collection prompting, presentation, on-screen ticket simulation, and dynamic updating bet cost during wager entry.

Additional features include:

  • Designed for shelf or counter placement, including hanging.
  • Player tracking / account card service
  • Expansion slot PCI or PC104 controller board
  • Significant storage memory for media graphics and optional advertising
  • Audio sound system can be optionally activated from the central system, with audio feedback acknowledging the touch screen selection to reinforce user confidence
  • Stores as many as 600 cashed or cancelled receipts within the terminal in self-service mode.
  • Options include Biometric sensor, proximity sensor, web cam or similar devices that can be connected via USB.
  • Configured for ease of transport - keyboard and LCD fold into terminal, interlocking slide latches on the keyboard to secure parts.