S3000 Teller Terminal


S3000 Dedicated Teller Terminal


The S3000 is the latest member of AmTote’s terminal family, designed to be an operator-only model using the latest technology to provide a reliable, rugged, easy-to-use terminal capable of IP or serial communication protocol.  Cashing or canceling of a bet is accomplished via a CCD scanner.  Bet slips processing can be accomplished with the addition of the optional peripheral contact imaging reader.


S3000 Platform Summary: 


CPU: Intel Atom 1.6 GHz; 533 MHz FSB; 2GB RAM


O/S: Microsoft Windows POS Ready


Display: 7-inch wide active–matrix LCD 262K colors with LED backlight, LVDS interface; 800x480 resolution;  Anti-glare, 3H hardness; Configured in landscape mode.  Sample screens are shown with S3000 picture.


Customer display: 16 X 2 LCD w/ LED backlight and USB interface.


Reader: CCD scan module providing the capacity for reading credit vouchers, as well as cashing / canceling of tickets.  Thermal branding capable.


Printer: High speed thermal. 203 dpi, friction feed, 5.9 inches/second.  Includes low paper and out-of-paper sensors


Tickets: Standard width 3.25 inches; typical length approximately 3 inches; 2600 tickets per roll; presenter with 20 ticket output hopper


Mag reader: Insertion reader, capable of reading three tracks on ISO7811 compliant magnetic stripe cards


I/O: 6 x USB2.0; 1 x RS232; 1 RS232/485; 1 x CF Type II


Expansion: 1 x Mini PCIe slot


Audio: Integrated ICH7-M


LAN: 1000 Base-Tx Gigabit Ethernet Compatible


Options: Contact imaging reader if betslip reading required


User Friendliness:  All required tote functions such as sell, cash, cancel, and administrative are available along with provisions such as screen menus and full-travel soft keys that can be dedicated for functions deemed productive.  The full travel tactile feedback keyboard has logical left-to-right clustering of color coded pads to aid the operator‘s bet entry.  The active viewing area of 6.0 inches x 3.6 inches allows the display of race information/status, bet entry details, and bet entry history for the current customer session.  Due to the extensive number of tracks for ITW, a display of all tracks will allow the operator to view all active selections in one glance. Note the use of the color display to highlight “Collect” or “Pay” as an aid to the teller.


Ticket Cash/Cancel:  A bezel/entry throat is provided for cash/cancel transactions.  The ticket is inserted per directions provided in the terminal cover.  Audible tone is emitted indicating a successful read and validation through the system. An optional ticket branding featured can be enabled or disabled via a system switch. The ability to cancel a wager and the applicable time frame can be controlled through the system.


Cash Card/Rewards:  The terminal through the magnetic stripe reader will read Cash Cards and Rewards cards and communicate the appropriate account number to the proper server for validation and account upgrade for the wagers entered.


Terminal mounting:  The S3000 is designed to hang on a counter mounted bracket that will align the customer side of the terminal with the counter top.  This provides a counter extension to easy transfer of change, winnings, or tickets from operator to customer. 


The key components of the terminal are:


• PC-based electronics unit utilizing state-of-the-art low power processor with a speed of 1.6 GHz and 2GB of system memory.  Solid state hard drive for operating system and applications eliminates failures associated with rotating memory.  The CPU board includes display outputs such as TV, CRT, DVI, and LVDS to handle a variety of display hardware.  Other integrated functions include audio, LAN, and keyboard/mouse.  A single power supply provides 5/12 VDC for logic power and 24VDC for cooling fan and printer operation.


• The 7-inch diagonal active matrix LCD provides a clear, attractive, easy-to-read display for the user.  The bright, high contrast, coupled with the anti-glare surface, enhance the readability of the display in a wide variety of ambient conditions.  The dot matrix type of presentation and a resolution of 800 x 480 provide limitless font and graphics capability.


• The use of a CCD scanner and Code 39 serial numbers on tickets eliminates the electromechanical detail of other reader types and extends the reliability of the reader device.


• The high speed thermal printer is an identical mechanism as is used in the ProV3000e and ProF3000e, again maintaining AmTote’s use of common hardware.


• The terminal design utilizing quality components and subassemblies is dedicated to maximum reliability.  Modular design, should a fault occur, is focused on minimum MTTR and associated maximized uptime.


Terminal design partitions the electronics assemblies so that paper loading is isolated from access to these assemblies.  The S3000 terminal has a base footprint that measures 16 inches wide by 12.0 inches deep.  The terminal is 13.75 inches high when in the teller configuration and the keyboard assembly extends 10.0 inches beyond the sides for a total depth of 21.0 inches.  This extension allows an operator to comfortably sit on a stool or chair with knees under the keyboard area.  The S3000 terminal weighs 38 lb., (17.2 kg)


The S3000 is designed to operate with an input voltage of 92–264 VAC, 47–440 Hz; 2.5 Amps at nominal 115 VAC/1.5 amps at nominal 220 VAC.  Ambient conditions of operating temperature of 0°C to 50° C and a storage temperature of -10° to 70°C with a humidity range of 5-95% non-condensing.