AmTote envisions a significant increase in the role account betting plays in the future wagering environment. Telephone account betting through your typical Telephone Betting Terminal(TBT) has been a staple in the industry for years. However, advances in computer telephony have helped AmTote reduce the cost of service by offering automated account wagering front ends for the account wagering call centers. We are pleased to be able to offer the industry's first voice recognition account wagering system, VoiceBet® , which is currently operating at several racetracks and off-track betting services.

This new technology provides near teller performance at a fraction of the cost. It also has the potential to streamline the customer service operation by providing automated odds, race results, scratch runners, and account deposits or withdrawals while eliminating disputes. Telephone betting is only one component of AmTote's account wagering offering. Racing fans may bet from home using HomeBet® , a PC application available on the Internet or via private network.

Localized account wagering may also be available at the racetrack facility utilizing VoiceBet telephones or our latest wireless products at the tables. When the account holder comes to the track, AmTote can offer several ways to wager the account. Racing fans may opt to make wagers from their account on self-service machines through account cards, or they could use AmTote's wireless hand-held TIM for the ultimate in wagering convenience.