Unmatched stability, scalability and capability.

AmTote’s Spectrum® Software Suite is anchored by the industry’s most reliable, powerful, extensible, scalable, and globally integrated backend system – the Spectrum® platform.  Spectrum® natively supports pari-mutuel, fixed-odds, and gaming device betting modes like PariMAX on a single technology stack, processes over 70% of the North American pari-mutuel pools, and is integrated with the world’s major racing & sports wagering operators with proprietary local bet types for global pool commingling either as guest or host.

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Spectrum® boasts virtually unlimited cash (Ticket) & account (Advanced Deposit) wagering capacities and channels, with a 24-hour daily operations capability, completing the solution for the most sophisticated “around-the-world, around-the-clock” betting operators.

Spectrum® provides a secure open platform capability through its full deck of modern APIs for third-party guest and host application interfaces. Software Development Kits (SDK) leverage a robust Gateway Web Services (GWS) API for informational feeds (betting info, event info, & transactional audit data feeds), while the AmTote Foreign Gateway (AFG) connects to numerous foreign system transactional hosts that require customized interfaces (i.e. financial systems, foreign wagering systems).  Guest applications develop and integrate with one interface, and Spectrum® does the rest to open up the global betting world.

The Spectrum® Platform was developed to be a comprehensive hub for wagering with open integration capability.  The platform includes multiple techniques and APIs that enable fully bidirectional integration between Spectrum® and other wagering systems, devices and platforms.

The Spectrum® Gateway Web Services (GWS) API provides ease of integration with full functional access for applications to access the Spectrum® Platform including:  account and cash based wagering transactions (both pari-mutuel and fixed odds modes), customer account management transactions, and informational display feeds including betting and event data information.  The GWS API supports many global web based applications, custom third party terminals, mobile and tablet device applications connecting to the Spectrum® Platform.

AmTote recognizes that one of the core values of pari-mutuel wagering is the ability to offer the opportunity of increased liquidity of commingled global wagering pools to the broadest group of customers possible.  The AmTote Foreign Gateway (AFG) provides the ability for the Spectrum® Platform to act as a client to various third party host systems that require support of their respective custom protocols, including financial & payment systems as well as external wagering/gaming host systems.  

In addition to AmTote’s full support of all published versions of the industry standard Inter Tote System Protocol (ITSP), the AFG allows wagering into the world’s major operators custom pools and bet types, including its industry-leading comprehensive offering of hosted pools markets for Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Dubai, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Panama, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, United Kingdom, Uruguay, United States, and Venezuela.

MBET™ is a white label micro-browser based application primarily designed for onsite event wagering at racetracks and off-track betting (OTB) locations, however it can be used broadly in Internet exposed applications.  MBET™ by design is a lightweight interface that is extremely easy to use and fast, while branded for the respective customer operator.  MBET™’s deployment as a mobile microsite leverages the universal compatibility advantages of HTML and Java, and can also incorporate video streaming of the live racing events.

The AmTote Reporting System (ARS) is a historical relational database reporting platform that is hosted from the Microsoft® Azure cloud.  ARS, utilizing SQL Server as the data store and SQL Server Reporting Services as the reporting engine, provides for a full suite of accounting and business intelligence reporting for detailed betting handle metrics, winning payouts & liabilities, point-of-sale terminal balancing, customer account ledgers, along with global commingled pools settling and reconciliations.  The ARS platform has revolutionized traditional “tote” system reporting in terms of both data accessibility and speed of custom reporting development.


AmTote’s Operations & Support Centers (OSC) provide 24x7x365 betting platform operations real-time monitoring and support for AmTote’s global customer base.

The 25+ member team operates, monitors, maintains, and provides comprehensive help desk support for multiple AmTote-owned hub Spectrum® platform data centers providing global clients with SaaS solutions, as well as client-owned localized Spectrum® platforms in client-provisioned data centers.

Spectrum® platform data center locations: Maryland, New York, Oregon, Ontario, Australia, Isle of Man, Mauritius, South Africa, Trinidad, Uruguay, Venezuela.

AmTote Provides CRDC Operations for remote and direct management operations at racetracks and of betting operations and associated event management at for racetracks and off-track betting sites (OTBs), as well as installation and site transitioning logistics.


Industry leading 99.99998% uptime.
The F3000e is a versatile point-of-sale (POS) terminal that can function as a teller-operated terminal or a self-service terminal.
  • Teller and self-serve "flip-able"
  • 15" touch screen display
  • Ticket reader
  • Retractable teller full-travel keyboard or touchscreen 
  • Account wagering capability (via scannable player card)
  • Player tracking CRM capability
  • On-screen advertising capability
AmTote’s dedicated self-service kiosk terminal.
  • Pure glass 17" touch screen
  • Ticket reader
  • Bill acceptor
  • Account wagering capability (via scannable player card)
  • Player tracking CRM capability
  • On-screen advertising capability
Account Wagering Self-Service Tablet (AWSST)
AmTote’s dedicated Account Wagering Self-Service Tablets (AWSST) are designed to be installed in smaller spaces and offer an identical wagering interface and features for the customer as the V3000e and F3000e in self-service account wagering mode.

  • Modern, sleek & slim display terminal
  • Flat LCD color touchscreen
  • Magnetic card reader
  • Account wagering capability (via scannable player card)
  • Player tracking CRM capability
  • Easy mounting
AmTote’s wireless teller terminal allows tellers to sell tickets on-the-go.
  • WiFi Wireless
  • Portable Wireless Bluetooth printer
  • Laser scanner for easy cashing and canceling of tickets
  • Player tracking CRM capability (via scannable player card)
AmTote offers self-service account wagering software that operates on a variety of third-party tablets.
  • WiFi Wireless
  • Compatible with any tablet utilizing the Microsoft OS
  • Account wagering (via scannable player card)
Common-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) PC teller-wagering terminals integrate with AmTote's Spectrum® System providing a simple teller-operated solution.
  • AmTote's PC-based teller software
  • Compatible with Windows-based hardware
  • Global economic and reliable option
  • Identical interface as our AmTote traditional teller-based terminals
  • Ticket printer
  • Barcode scanner
AmTote offers PariMAX's Historical Horse Racing terminals.
  • Single, Dual and Triple HD Display Layouts
  • Single: 43" Touch Screen HD Display
  • Dual: 27" Dual HD Displays (Bottom Touch)
  • Triple: 27" Triple HD Displays (Bottom Touch)
  • Addressable LED Lighting
  • Quixant Ultra High End Logic
  • Button Deck with Optional LCD Touch
  • Integrated Rewards Interface and Reader
The first and only bar top HHR cabinet on the market. Same functions and hardware as existing PariMAX cabinets. Current and new PariMAX themes can be played on bar tops.
  • 20" HD Display 1920x1080
  • Height: 27.0"
  • Width: 27.2"
  • Depth: 16.9"


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