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AmTote International, Inc., wholly owned by The Stronach Group (TSG), is a trusted name and industry leader since 1933. AmTote is a global wagering technology supplier and the leading supplier of pari-mutuel totalisator services in North America, currently providing services to the New York Racing Association, all California racetracks and OTB’s, Gulfstream Park, The Maryland Jockey Club, Woodbine Entertainment, Xpressbet, TVG and many other racetracks and ADWs both domestically and internationally.  Currently, The Spectrum® totalisator system hosts approximately 80% of the pari-mutuel pools in North America and has hubs internationally (including PGI (Premier Gateway International) on the Isle of Man and Phumelela Gaming and Leisure in South Africa). 


The Spectrum totalisator system is a highly regulated, proven, vetted and audited system, that is used for the pari-mutuel price calculations and payments in AmTote enabled Historical Horse Racing (HHR) through its PariMAX™ product line.   The PariMAX system parallels the live racing experience as closely as possible, with the same underlying Spectrum totalisator platform, to ensure the integrity of the system within the regulatory environment.   No random numbers are used in any form to influence the outcome of a wager and the graphical display is completely deterministic based on the race outcome. The payouts are calculated in the exact manner as a live horse race, using standard live racing pari-mutuel pool types, with patrons holding winning wagers receiving payments for each pool they qualify.   

When patrons play a PariMAX game, the patrons have the option of a traditional wagering interface much like a traditional self-service terminal, or a graphically enhanced interface which is similar to an entertaining game display.  The patrons may also select how they wish to handicap the races using a past performance racing program or through the use of a handicapping system, or a third-party tool like a handicapper’s data warehouse.  Once the patron has made their choices, they are presented with a group of races for wagering.  The handicapping information supplied to the patron is the accurate data for those horses on the actual date of the race.  It should be noted that the patron has the option to skip the group of races, just like in live horse race wagering, if they decide to do so.

Once the patron has decided to wager on the races presented, the patron then selects the order of finish for the number of runners required by the pools they are wagering.  They may then select the amount they wish to bet, based on a set number of levels (i.e.,  $0.10, $0.50, $1.00, $1.50 $2.00, $5.00, $10.00).  Once the patron has made their choices and confirms them by selecting play option, the chosen results interface is used to present the results and outcomes of the wagers to the player.  

The optional graphically enhanced interface uses an entertaining layout to present to the user their selections of the winning runners.  All aspects of the graphically enhanced interface are determined by the player’s selection and the outcome of the race.  A knowledgeable user will easily and clearly discern the race outcome and their selections.  The graphically enhanced interface does not use any random numbers in its presentation, and the placement of the icons do not determine or indicated a level of payout.  Regardless of whether the player has selected to use the graphically enhanced user interface or a traditional interface, the videos of the races wagered on are displayed.

Currently, PariMAX has terminals operating in Kentucky, Wyoming, Alabama and Oregon.  In each state, the games follow the pari-mutuel rules of racing for those states.  At present, the wagers in Alabama, Wyoming and Oregon are commingled into a single hosted set of pools, much like that of simulcasting in live horseracing.   For more information, please contact a PariMAX representative at this address: